Korg Triton rack



Anybody knows if the sampler in Triton rack is nice/phat/good?

I'm dreaming about buying one =)

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A friend of mine just bought one let me ask him and get back to u :)


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I like sampling because once it is there it is there. No storing in a keyboard patch that might get erased or changed in a mad stoked creative frenzy, or just be completely different tomorrow for no reason at all, or be so highly sensitive to the assignable mod wheel that u just can't tweak that perfect 127th position on the dial again.
Samples are solid.
And i'm off topic. But not off chops. That's cool.


sounds OK

The sampler of the KORG TRITON is more than OK. But i can't say that it matches the new Akai's or Emu's.
Also, the KORG has limited features. I first bought a TRITON, then i got an AKAI CD3000. Now i invested in an S5000... I don't use the KORG anymore. But it is a good sampler. You can't go far wrong with it. If you're looking for a lot of filter- and special fx, go look somewhere else.

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hey guys ok i dont know **** about sampleing
but i want to get a sampler.
i dj hip hop and i just wanted to ask what
sample should i buy


Triton /sampler

From all accounts and some limited personal use, the Triton is a very good sampler.. (For Hip Hop! ;-)) at least this is the only musical style where I have heard constant good feedback from users in relation to it's sampling capabilites.

That isn't to say it's a BAD sampler though. (!!)
As to it's useability/suitability for other music styles the jury is still out. There are apparently some issues. Some of which may be resolved by a forthcomming OS update. It doesn't read Akai sample formats very well, some problems with keygroup assignment apparently.. Also there isn't a great deal of 'pre-sampled' material available as is the case with Akai/Roland/Emu/Kurz etc

It does not resample, and it's timestretching ability is questionable, and it has a few other oddities. That said it HAS a superb synthesis engine, and is according to word of mouth not at all bad as a sampler. But it really depends what you are looking for..

Good luck hope this helps..


Thank you all for good replies. I have more questions =)

How many sounds can I play from it at the same time: How many voices? is it multi-timbral? Can I decide what sound should go out of which output?

Is it possible to send sound-files, like .wav, to it (to the sampler in it)?

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more triton sampler stuff

The Triton will hold a maximum of 2 mins 54 (mono) out of the box, ie with 16Mb of pre-fitted Ram, of course you can expand this as you wish up to 64Mb, this will give you a maximum time of 11 mins 39. It reads wav, aiff, some akai files (S1000, 3000) and Korgs own sample format, these can be loaded via floppy or the optional SCSI..

What you sample can be played back instantly from the triton and you can create multi-samples very easily, and layer them across the keyboard. (If you have it!) You can choose to sample dry, in stero/mono, or through the tritons fx, and you can apply a maximum of 5 at one time + 2 master fx.

All of your samples can then be saved into programs and then worked into combination patches, the triton DOES make all of this very easy and there is a lot of flexibility in some areas. However you will still need to reload your samples each time as the triton uses flash ram, and there are all the other 'issues' to consider..

As some folks have already pointed out there are many good things about triton. Particuarly as a synth/workstation. However if you really are set on it as a sampler I advise you to check it out totally before commiting. It's a great instrument truly, but I would not say it has the best implementation of sampling. For all its sampling credentials it remains in my opinion a synth first and a sampler second. As a one stop solution though it really kicks! But you might be better off with a dedicated EMU/Akai/Roland solution etc.. Good luck..