korg electribe 2 sampler owners


Can't say I am an owner, I had for a week before returning it, but not because of the machine, because of Guitar Center sending me an opened box, so I got my refund, I demanded it.

But during those few days, its like the past electribe samplers (I used to be heavy on the ESX-1). Box feels like the monotribe casing.

On this, there are no parts to assign samples to, you can assign them to any pad now and fix them up in the editor. Same experience in mutating patterns in realtime and can record the effects without resampling. In fact, its almost like the ESX-1 but here are full sized pads (not MPC sized but decent enough) and quantize is forced on and cannot be turned off. There is no way to turn quantize off what-so-ever.

I wasn't really impressed, felt the same. But I see hacks for it that can turn it into the electribe2 and electribe2 Sampler in one box. Even with that, its not enough, you tried one electribe, you tried them all is how I felt about it.


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If you're after hardware and don't want to be tethered to a computer then I'd hold out for the as yet unreleased Pioneer SP-16 which looks amazing - not gonna be a cheap as the Electribe2 tho!
If you can stand being chained to a computer the Maschine Mikro comes in around the same price as the Electribe2 but (IMO) much more powerful.


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I have the synthizer version (music production station) and I don't find it very useful especially when it comes to live performance.


The electribe 2 has different filter features that the sampler doesnt have, but I personally dont use them much so I like the sampler more. You can only have up to 300 seconds on the device but can save more on the card. I love my e2 sampler and us it the same way I use my maschine studio. Ive had a lot of different sampler devices and found this one to be my favorite one, but I havent tried the black box from music 1010 yet