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Well, Miko

I have a synthesizer called the ACCESS VIRUS "b", manufactured by WALDORF here. This synth has 2 audio inputs and has a vocoder mode.

Sure its not a vocoder only machine, but it has this feature... and n case you don't know this machine, its far from being a toy. VIRUS b is actually a very good synth.

more information can be found on this site


OK now from what I know, Sennheiser are making mostly microphones and headphones nowaday. A cheap vocoder, still not bad would be the KORG VC10 . It was made when KORG was releasing the famous MS series (MS10 and MS20 synths, and MS50 patch bay).

The VC-10 is a vocoder with a built-in microphone and a 2-1/2, octave, 32-note (F-C) keyboard. A vocoder, by definition, is a "device that continuously analyzes the frequency spectrum of on incoming signal (called the speech signal) and imparts analogous spectral characteristics to another (the carrier signal). The vocoder's output has the pitch of the carrier signal, with some or most of the timbral character and articulation of the speech signal." Mark Vail

The microphone is connected via a goose-neck attachment to the vocoder and the keyboard. There is a VU meter above the keyboard so that you can tell the loudness of the "speech signal" (the signal coming from the microphone). Either you can use the built in synthesizer as your "carrier signal" or you can use the external signal inputs to input another instrument. There are controls for vibrato, depth, ensemble, and something called "accent bend".


Hope I helped a bit :)

Manuel Clement

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Searching for a killer vocoder. The one I would like to get was originally used by kraftwerk and herbie hancock. Its called a sennheiser and it seems that there are only 3 left which I am able to find. Roland made one called the vp 303 in the late 80's but I wonder if there are any others out there. I found a company called eventide which also makes an effects module with a vocoder built into the unit for 3k but still searching at this time. Any ideas? :)


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Thanks for the information mano... btw, the sennheiser was also used to produce the famous robot voices for battlestar gallactica. Unlike most vocoders after you record the initial voice you can drop it out completely and have only the true robotic voice. The estimate I have seen for value is around 10k... here is a link to one of the few proud owners :)


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yeah its probably a good one Miko, but 10k is way too much for a vocoder.. the VC-10 would do most jobs, and those ebay auctions are good... I saw you could get a good one for around 300 bucks :)

hey if you do something cool with your vocoder, post a link to an MP3


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just wanted to say thanks for the input guys... looks like a cool community going on here mano !! Keep on rollin


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if you're also looking for a great multiFX and a vocoder, look at the ensoniq DP4, wonderful fx, you can have 4 simultaneous FX, and there's an algorythm for vocoder and it sounds great...I used the vocoder presets a long time ago and I was surprised by the can also look at some plugs like Orange vocoder (I think it's the name)...I saw a demo and great sound !


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Re: Killer Vocoder

I'm just interessted:
Who would you like the Vocoder to kill?
I mean: The price of a killer vocoder depends greatly on the target.