Jealous (Pop)


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I like the rhythm it's very groovy. The vocal is a little dry and because of that sits out in the mix a little too much for my taste. Maybe a little reverb would help. The song was a little repetitive after a while perhaps a bridge or some switch in some of the main sounds or rhythm or both would help vary it a bit. Overall it's quite unique!

Jerry David

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I like your style, nice and original. I would use more effects, as well on your drums (compression) and on your vocal (too dry).


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Nice track, not sure what I'd change, perhaps I'd put a chorus on the vocals? Best regards! ��


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I like where this is headed, nice grooves mate; u have a disco vibe for sure lol. id smooth that vocal into mix some more and p;ay around with more fx on the vox, reverbs echos delays what4ever just have fun with it then automate the fx so it doesn't get int he the way. can I ask what DAW this is? for some reason I feel like its garage band; thats not an insult btw I know of a few major records that were done in GB lol; again that bass line is groovy id like to hear it more in the mix . id play with the reverb decay times on those strings and even automate it so its longer when no VOX and shorter with VOX ; jsut ideas off the top of mind, again its ur track , and these are just my ideas. kudos to your vibe ! can you make the hook even bigger? like add some more top end elements ; play with the drum beat etc whatever . just something to help it sonically feel like a different section and that would make the 2nd verse ht harder when u break down to simpler instrumentation again... cool song tho mate!