Is Tik Tok the secret to your music blowing up in 2020? (Unfortunately, it is)


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just like you, we didn't want to believe that this platform was this powerful. But now that we have used it and seen how insane the growth potential is we (YOU) can no longer ignore it.

Ignore the dance videos and this becomes a power tool.

I'll show you how to easily market your music within the platform. I got 45,000 Views with ZERO followers on tik tok. I go over how to use the algorithm, how tik tok pushes your videos to different tiers of people, what form of videos work and how to properly use hashtags.

Watch to learn the key strategies and techniques to ensure your music VIRAL. You want to use this before it's too late. They are constantly changing their algorithm so it's slowly becoming harder and harder to get seen.

Watch now ! - YouTube
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It's a good idea but is it worth investing in Tik Tok? Seems like the next Vine to me.

I'd rather push on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, then on forums and what not.


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Wastes no time, insightful and challenging your personal followers to something they can easily try. Very nice video! I think i'll try this app now after despising it since it blew up.