iRig Mix Issue


Character in Spades...
I built my DJ rig around the iRig Mix mixer due to its small footprint. I love that about it, and the fact that it seems pretty durable for the materials it's made out of. But my mixer is _very_ noisy; when the gain is turned down, my system is very quiet.

Any tips or suggestions? Did I get a dog mixer, or are they all pretty noisy? (This doesn't seem to match the touted spec of -80 dB signal-to-noise ratio)...

It is an analog mixer so there will be some noise and gain staging should be paid attention to, but if you are having excessive issues the best route is to troubleshoot directly with the IK support team at IK Multimedia. Musicians First. and they will be able to get to the bottom of your issues.
I will try that, thank you Peter. I'm hip to gain staging. This is a LOT of broadband noise, so I'm just wondering if it's my particular unit, or an across-the-board issue...