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I, along with some other well-known mix engineers, was asked for some quotes on mixing clarity for an article on Being the dork that I am, instead of providing a couple short quotes, I wrote several long pages on the subject that got pretty deep. A couple paragraphs were quoted for the original article, but they also asked if they could just post everything I wrote. I said sure. So if you want to read some really nerdy stuff about mixing for technical and emotional clarity, here is what I wrote (typos and all!):
An In depth Approach to Mixing Clarity with Chris Carter | Modern Mixing

If you want the original article, you can find that here:
14 Ways to Achieve Mixing Clarity | Modern Mixing
Amazing. I feel so educated right now!!!!! <3 Thanks for posting this:


This is the area I struggle with the most. My compositions are pretty good, but my eq... apparently my choice in samples and panning may be making my compositions weak and muddy. *.*

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wow thanks for the writeup... this is really inspiring mixing truely is an art your techniques prove this thanks again.
I think you are right Chris. I started the beginning of the year with an instrumental that I believe has the proper elements to tell a narrative through out the song. Instead of my wanting my instrumentals to be timeless, where you can hear the song years later and still bring back the memories of the song, I now strive to make my music have a personality if that makes sense. Producing for personality I think helps me mix better. Thanks for the share, my followers are going to love this blog as well as me.