I'm talented, but how do I get started

I'm talented, people tell me that I could hold my own with big name artists lyrically and people say my beats are just on another level. I played 1 of my beats and 3 or 4 beats from big name producers and didn't tell people which one was mine and most people chose mine. I feel like people won't take me serious because of my background and who I am, I'm 14, 1/2 White 1/2 Puerto Rican, raised in a REALLY nice suburban town right out of Boston (It was ranked like 8th best place to live in the country, I think it was money magazine but I'm not sure). The only people that know me are people from my town that I know, I have no rep, I don't know how to get my foot in the door of the Hip Hop world but I'm willing to do just about anything to make it even semi-big. How can I do this
If you care to read what my opinion is on this...

It does not matter where you grow up. It does not matter if you haven't had your fair share of life problems. ( you will ) What matters is what... well as corny as it sounds, is whats in your head. If you got the talent, creativity, drive and the people backing you. You can get your foot into any place and that isn't just music or hiphop. If you got what it takes, and put in the work you will get there. Even without people backing you, you can still do it. It just will be a lot harder without having someone like a parent or friend helping you along the way. If you think your tracks are far beyond your competitors, well start showing the world that is true. Good luck
Best way i can think of is on the internet.... if you're environment isnt hip hop related (which, it may be, you never know and you may be surprised), focus on other areas that are... these days you can simply focus on online sociak networks and if people like what they hear, it wouldnt be long before word would get out about your talent... RocBattle, Twitter, TightBeatz, Soundclick, Myspace, Facebook, iStandard, etc... theres plenty of places you can showcase your music and get reviews or recognition.... ur kinda young to drive to venues in other towns, so ur best bet is on the net.... Good Luck..
i agree with sean..

but you also have to make sure that people are not just hyping you up. trust me..having alot of yes men / women around you helps NO ONE. Get on forums (such as this), get feed back, network with networking sites, BUT...i will say...

..focus on music as a hobby, Im not trying to discourage you in anyway, but your 14, dont put all your eggs in one basket. Im 21 and still dont know what im gonna do as soon as I get my liberal arts degree from a local junior college.

now my case is nothing like your case, but just take everything day by day, as well as dont pass up ANY opportunities. Take every opportunity you can by the horn and run with it, BUT again think everything through thoroughly, a good group of friends, and great ppl around you can help you soar through the clouds...