i want to record my band...



i want to record my 4 piece band (drums, guitar, bass, vox) in the music room i have set up. i have a spare computer (P3-500, 128ram, 10gb HD, cd-r, POS soundcard as of now), umm lots of wires, and a shure bg2.1 mic (http://www.shure.com/bg21.html). right now we could use the POS soundcard and that mic.. and record everyone seperately then mix it togeather. i need to know:

is this possible? :-)))

is a SB live the soundcard i should get for this? i dont have that much money to spend.

if using the computer to record wont be a bottleneck, would it be wise to upgrade to a shure bg4.1 (http://www.shure.com/bg41.html)? i get these at cost and i think they're good mics

any help would be appreciated
this is very very possible.

as far as computer hardware/software... upgrade your sound card asap... IMO it's the most important thing you need in your computer. The SBLive! is really good, but I personnaly don't think of any SB card as a "serious audio card"... maybe check out sound cards by Hoontech, Echo, Terratech, etc... you could probably find a really good one for $100 (there are plenty of other threads about that though)
I'm guessing you have the software you need since you didn't ask about that.

as far as recording, doing it separately is how most bands record... and you need less mics that way.

depending on your budget... this is what I'd recommend:

a "drum pack" set of mics- usually come in a set of 4... 2 snare/tom, 2 kick/floor tom (about $200)

use the kick drum mic from your drum pack to record the bass amp too

The 4.1 is good.. I'd say get 2 of those, use them for overheads on your drums and on your guitar amp
The 2.1 looks good for vocals.

and a mixing board would help, an 8 channel would be good. I have a Behringer Eurorack 8 chn. that was only $100 and it works great.

and that is really all you should need. If you guys are short on $$. I'd say get the sound card first. Then the drum pack first, because that'll get you set on both drums and bass. And you got the BG2.1 for vocals, and guitar you can record how you've been doing it.

hmmm... If you need cheaper suggestions, I'll think of something. If you can spend more... then I'll suggest other stuff too.
good luck :victory: