i need tips/help from a pro


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i need help in setup my home studio for making trance, D&B, house etc...
i heve at home:
*korg trinity plus work station
*Q-rack synthhesizer
*mac G4 466 128mb luna2 sound card =
*a pre amp and speakers monitors

i need a mixer??
i want to buy also the REM1X for drum loops and stuff
do i need to buy the rem1x ?

help me!

my english is not so good at writing
im from israel

thank you
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The Trinity and Q Rack are two awesome pieces of kit for sure. You should have no problems producing DnB, trance, etc.

What you call the REM1x I think is actually the Rm1x by yamaha? The Rm1x is a great sequencer. Actually it is one the best if not the best hardware sequencer on the market right now. It's especially great if you are doing live performances. It's soundset leaves much to be desired though in my opinion. With the Trinity and Q you shouldn't need to go to the RM1x for too many sounds anyway. Do you need the Rm1x was your question and the answer is no. You could always sequence from your computer using Cubase, Logic, Sonar, etc. Keep in mind that you have a 16 track sequencer built right in to your Trinty that is more than capable. In the end the desicion is yours based on your needs.

As for the soundcard, keep in mind that the Luna2 only has a pair of analog ins and a pair of SPDIF ins. You could opt to buy the additional breakout box which would give you 8 additional analog I/Os. If you don't buy the breakout box you will then need a mixer. If you do buy the breakout box Luna's software mixer will be more than sufficiant. Keep in mind what your goals are here. Do you plan on doing any live work/gigs? If so you will want to invest in at least a modest hardware mixer. If you are just starting out I would go with the Luna2 coupled with the breakout box and just use the Luna mixer (which is really cool).

Here is the link to the Luna2 breakout box:


Good luck with whatever you choose :)

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thanks for ur good advices


Powersampler OR real sampler? or both?

Get a sampler. I think you'll better go for a hardware version, keep in mind that software crashes, eats up resources etc... well a sampler gives you all the drums you want. Especially for drum and bass it's a must have.

I don't think the RMX1 is a good buy, although it has a fantastic sequencer, if you have something like cubase running you don't really need it. And i think the other pieces of gear you have are well capable of making the sounds that the RMX is capable of. A sampler will enable you to get a wide variety of sounds anyway.

As for the soundcard. if you'll need it, get it. But don't lock yourself using a softsampler and a zillion audio tracks at the same time. After some EQ and a few high quallity reverbs your processor would ask for a break. Even on a G4. Keep that in mind.

and of course a desk. if you go for a sampler go for one with enough outputs. And a nice little desk with enough inputs.. hmmmmm.
Ok, you say for live performance, right? Then the RM1X is definitely stuff to consider. It's a machine build for live use, unlike other sequncers like the MPC's and the Tritons.
The triton has got a sequencer but it's useless if you want to mix patterns live and tweak and mess around with your choons. The RM1X is perfect for this and you allready have the sounds you need in you triton and your Q-Rack.
And you allready have a sampler in the triton, so I say get a sampleCD with some mean drumsamples and go play with them. :)

If you want live performance, definitely the RM1X
I'am not a PRO , but wat DJ Chriss is sayin si 101% right. I'am using the RM1X, i bought it from a friend of mine. I've just done a live show with it, With my partner. DJ AMIT. That BOX is a ATOM BOMB . :angel:
do you have an MP3 file
of your show music...stuff

if so put it on the web and place a link here

i want to listen to it......

thank you :angel:

My music of that show, i'am sorry to say but i've not recorded it, wat we did just there no preparations, bu i think my partner has it, I'll ask him, if he permits me to put it on the web, But i have one song uploaded, i created it in a SOFTsynth. the song name is . TeKno and the link is ,
, it' all i got here, but i can i'll have some demo of the RM1x for u Buddy, BUT just remain Logged ! .:cool:
as I understand, son is even considering buying the RS7000. Arh. I can't wait to get mine.
An RM1X with a sampler! Arh! ;)