I need info on "DIY RACKCASES/TOWERS" ?



Hello again everyone. :monkey:

I'm in the market to find a good RACK CASE, for my home studio. But I have a lot of novice questions.

First I'm looking for something that will look almost like furniture to match my OFFICE/MIDI HOME STUDIO. So the "wood" look is what I'd need to go for.

... yeah I know.... "wood " -- gross. But my Woman is sick of seeing all my music equipment making our home office look "non-uniformed."

Next, I need it to have wheels, and have it be about 3.5-feet high, with an angled top.

I'd like to have the angled-top so that I can rack mount my BITSTREAM-PRO midi controller?

Now, I've seen something similar, but they're always about 2.5 feet tall -- too short and I already have REALLY bad back problems. :eek: Also, the prices are not exactly "affordable" either. So, I'm hoping I could get some plans to see how some of you've built them. And about how much the total cost was, etc. I would prefer to not go anywhere past $175 for this project . Is that too naive a figure?

Thanks in advance for your time. I look forward to hearing from all of you. Hope you can point me in the right direction.