I have never heard them, but i want a set of Mackie monitors - Anyone heard them yet?


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If u have heard the Mackie monitors, please tell me all about them. I want to hear tone, workmanship, colour availability, limited edition releases, prices, 2nd hand availability, do they come as a self powered set, what sort of finish is on the outside - textured or smooth?
my dj/rmx'ng cohort has a pair of Monitor 2's...he swears by them...
i have alesis m1 powered. i swear by those.

I do like the 2's tho...very powerful. extremely clean bass (for the money), fantastic for final mix. i don't know the freq response...
they're bigger in size than i expected...like 14 x 18 x 14
good bang for the buck, from my understanding
The Mackie HR's right? Well... i haven't tried them out but i've read a lot about them and they should be very good. I've seen em though... let me tell you, they're much bigger in real life! I've read that each one has gone certain tests and comes with a certificate proving that it has passed. Also, they should be very heavy cuz the heat sinks are HUGE. I've only seen em in black and i think it's a wood grain finish. And they are very expensive.
The Mackie HR824's are excellent. I use them and a pair of Alesis M1 actives. They go for around $1200 a pair. Haven't seen any on the used market but thats probably a good sign. The certificate that endoraver is reffering to ensures that the monitors are a matched set. Basically they ensure thaqt the frequency output of each monitor is the same. I am no authority on sound quality but I can say that I enjoy the sound very much. Great low freq response which means great bass. Also it is one of the few monitors (that I know of anyway) that has some user configurability. It has three settings you can switch to for different types of monitoring environments as well as a high freq cut switch and a 80Hz low cut switch for reducing the bass (like us electronica heads would ever want to do that haha).

All in all a very nice monitor and not too extreme in price.


people will give u difrent answers of course and if u know me u know i want lie the mackie hr824's are ok.
they are not the best buy far ,it all depends on the room / studio acustics:)
i have had a set for a while and i thought they sounded good but there is no true refrence with them ..
i have tried many studio monitors and the best that i have ever used where krk expose 8 (3700.00$)
they are not cheap but u will tell the difrence belive me
and not the v8 or those other things they make but e8=handbuilt quality .......
they are the ****....(imo) :)