I F@&?& Up.


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I essentially “made it”, at least in some forms, regrettably not when it comes to finances, but regardless… I made a huge mistake. I wrote close to three albums worth of tracks, have celebrities who have my back, but I STILL CAN’T DJ!! I made an excuse to myself thinking it’s simple and wasn’t that important until something serious happens… but it did. I’ll feel like a fool up there wasting time during tracks, just waiting to hit the next bar on Ableton, or praying I don’t fuck up mixing two tracks at some point. Or scratch.

I’m 33, and can finally set up a local gig, but even after all the day dreaming of doing this, and all the hard work I put in, I’m reluctant and incredibly nervous about how people will like it. My bro’s from when I used to be in music aren’t helping, and I feel older and older every week I don’t go through with this.

What would you do if you were me? Thanks for letting me rant a bit!