How to layer the piano


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Hi guys.

In these days I'm studying the layering of the piano, trying to figure out how to do it and in which part of the project.
I've some doubts about it, understood that it's very used to make the sound bigger and spread it through all of the music window.

The main problem about this technique is that I've not found a complete and good guide on the web: I've found lots of videos on Youtube about people using this in different ways, making hard to understand what is the proper way.

I want to ask you two things about this technique:
- Is correct to say that the layer piano has to be made only on the chords progression in the drop? Or is correct to do it also on the lead melody?
- What are your main tips about this technique?

If you have great videos or article about it I'm very grateful.

Thanks so much!
Personally I only layer the chords , the melody should be thin and an octave up from the chords. When you layer chords have them an octave apart to cover more frequency ranges. Just eq out the highs and lows and it will sound beautiful. Happy beat making