How to get sound from PC to MPC3000



I'm a chinese DJ,I want making House Techno and Acid Jazz music,I just got AKAI MPC3000 sampler,I want use download WAV file on my MPC3000,How can I do that?
very easy the cheapest way if u have the means===
1. get a scsi zip drive and hook it into scsi port on mpc.
this way u can load the zip with sounds on the comp and then transfer to mpc zip.
2nd.get a scsi card and cable at local store and hook the scsi up to pc and then to mpc.U need to use a program like soundforge or wavelab on pc / spark / peak on mac .... then u simply download to mpc ..
number 1 is better realy === u can store sample on zip and transfer === cost about 99$ for scsi zip 100 megs .
thats all....
you can also "sample" that wav while you play it on the PC :) I know it sounds lame but it will work, and if you use a good quality cable you won't loose too much quality

but the SCSI ZIP DRIVE solution is a good idea
Thanks all answer!!!

I'll go to buy a ZIP driver! How to link use SICI ZIP ?
MPC3000 have a SICI port,i JUST TELL THEM HOW MANY pin IS ok?
Another Question for MPC3000!!!

What different sound is between PC and MPC3000?
I use sound just from PC,Why not use software do same thing?
software will do same thing
and alot easyer thats why i dont use an mpc ,i got a 3000 and a 2000 xl ,never use them u can do the same thing in less than half the time on an mpc
if anyone can disagree with that let me know ....
and dont give me the shi@ that an mpc make sounds better (it deos not) it is a tool and that is all ...
but what ever works best for u try both if u can
forgot about the live thing tho ..
good for performing live ....
What kind Zip driver can I use for MPC3000?

My MPC3000 OS is 3.08 OS,I don't know can it hold Zip driver,Who can tell me??????
Another I already have got MPC3000,So I must use it making music first!
Thanks all suggest!!!
pc to mpc

alright here's the deal-
transfer your samples to wave then burn them to a cd. here's the catch, you gotta get a scsi drive for your mpc as someone said earlier. I went to and got an external scsi cd drive. Or you you could so the internal zip thing- but you gotta get a zip for your computer. I have the mpc 2000xl - you can imagine how frustrated I was when I got it and found out I had to get extra gear just to get sounds into it and out. Anyway, use a cd, it holds more but get an internal scsi zip for your saving needs. Floppies have a hard time holding the samples I put together unless they are kicks snares etc. otherwise ???
Track Dadda:D yeah it can hold a zip- in the same place where the floppy is