How to get a "Just Dance" Synth

its a really random synth dude , i think you shoul look for it in a vst library in absynth or something like that

i think its more about the whole song , im not a big fan but its an OK tune
Hey y´all,

i´m wondering how to get the Synth-Sound of Lady Gagas "Just Dance". It sound so nice, so "sawish" distorted. How can I achieve that?

And by the way, anyone knows a good way to start learning Synthesizer Programming. I mean a DVD or a Book or something.

Thanks to all
Well to get the exact same sound you need the Korg Triton Classic on the preset number 076 Old & Digit in the Bank A in the program mode . Sorry to answer really late but eh better late than never .
You can make a saw synth in just about any daw, just change the LFO / envolope shape to a saw wave on the osc of the synth
Produced by Nadir Khayat (Red One), notoriously known for just using his stock Logic (Apple DAW) plugins. Bet you find the preset in one of the Logic Synths.
EDIT: And I just did. Logic Synth ES2. Preset: Classic Techno 1, then add some verb/chorus (Subtle)
Take a peek at this YouTube video
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I remember watching this years ago when I wanted to learn synthesis:

About the synth sound, are we talking about the melody in the very beginning? I think basically it's square wave-type of sound with a lot of distortion. Every distortion sounds different, you just have to try different ones.