How Often Do You Guys Produce & Release Music?


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Just curious, as some of us are content creators in the music production niche too, content can make up alot of time. What's your scheduling like when improving on your craft - let's say making music/beats to release with all the content around it planned out which needs time to prepare.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
Shit I started writing raps in 2004 to be like nas lol and didn’t record until 2010 when I bought a usb mic and pirated fl studio to record with and make beats I made a mixtape and the. Haven’t recorded since the. I’m gonna start back though

Lol I put a freestyle on reverb nation over that kast beat atliens a freestyle off the dome when I was 15 it was good for a real freestyle
I try to make and drop a beat everyday. I usually like to have 2-3 in the vault to give myself sometime to if I can't come up with anything, but still have something to drop. Lately, I've been getting better at mixing while I make the beat which saves me a lot of time. This is probably the reason that I got my certification in Wireless Engineering... but now that my life is in order.. It's time to start making music again. I plan on doing something daily. I'm going to allocate one hour each morning to make music.
I average 4 hours a day since I acquired my little bedroom studio setup a few years ago.
I've released Flight Joints and Flight Joints II this year. I've got enough in the can for a Vol III.