how does technology impact upon your music?

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first of all i'd like to say i'm a huge fan. deadringer is up there with my favourite albums. now that i've got the obligatory compliments out of the way on with my question.

as this is a production forum for producers there tends to be a lot of talk about the various types of hardware and software. like most music production forums endless debates take place about what is considered "the best". at the end of the day the rational seems to be "it's not what you have but how you use it". while this adage obviously rings true i am wondering what are your thoughts on how technology has (and is continuing) shaped the sound of music.

from watching your video with motherboard you have a lot of nice toys to play with :cool:

to what extent does the hardware/software you use influence your sound?
hey, thanks for the kind words. so, technology....

#1 thing-i think that knowing something inside and out is more important than having the "right tool". now with that said, picking the right tool will only help you!

buying new instruments has always provided me with inspiration. but i will say that my biggest breakthroughs have always been related to HOW i use something. so really both go hand in hand.

hardware/software is critical to all electronic music, and recorded music at large. the way to "transcend" this issue is to find a way to use something in a way that is unique. i believe the key to this is NOT in looking at how someone else HASNT yet used something, but how best you CAN use a tool. hope that makes sense. thelonius monk said "a genius is someone who is most like himself"; i believe this to be true.

there surely is no "best" for hard/software. the key is to find the thing that really suits one's taste and workflow.