How do people get banned??


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im surprised a mod hasnt replied with "Like so" and banned op . it would suck, but it would be funny and he can just make another account


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But everytime I see them getting into it, someone's calling them out.

That's what I was going to post at first but it wouldn't have come off right.

If people just let people post without quoting them to call them names... a lot of e-arguments wouldn't even happen. If you feel the need to call names... probably should just refrain from quoting that person.

It's a discussion board. Not everybody is going to agree with you.

... but for the record, MANO didn't even ban on first sight of a violation. You had to be really raw with the violations or really blatant and then MANO would kick you off. I'm not saying people should be treated "special" but don't think just because you see certain people involved in stuff that it's always that persons "fault". A lot of the e-arguments are just people joking sometimes. That craziest e-arguments you've ever seen me in are with people who know we're just razzing each other for the hell of it. Like I said before, a lot of people have a certain rapport with each other because they've seen enough of each other's posting style to kind of "understand" that person. I HOPE! everybody knows that I want everybody on FP to make the most they can out of this music thing, I think I've always represented that... but if you call me an idiot for saying something like "all of you all won't make it" and that's just my opinion... then don't get upset if you get called one right back.

Just post what you think.

With all of that said.... e-arguments will still be a part of the internet.

Oh, this .gif is Anderson Silva thinking that the people that voted him number one in the MMA polls liked him... until he went up against somebody they liked more, lol. They boo'ed him. I thought I was cool with most people on here ha ha.... now I feel like Anderson being boo'ed... it's cool though. That ignore list is incredible... (plus this .gif cracks me up because I've watch Anderson Silva alot, lol - this is right before he kicked Forrest Griffin's "behind")

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I try my damn'dest not to ban people. But then people go out of their way to push on with me until I have no choice. Alot of mods will ban you with no explanation over the slightest violation of FP policy.

They have the right to, they're doing what they're supposed to. I overstress if a member is bothering you, PM a mod(the "Report!" button no longer works). I'll always evaluate and resolve a situation when PMed.

That's the reason I now close conspiracy threads I used to love participating in. Because people kept complaining about them. If you complain to a mod, the situation will be resolved. I was a member long enough to understand threads come and go, e-arguments occur but after awhile I'd hope no one holds grudges, and general discussions do occur.

I try to weed out the nonsense and let you guys have your outlets, but I need you guys support on that. All mods up here do.

I even tried to let Koko come back as a member, he just kept acting crazy. Others are up here, we can check IPs and servers to easily figure out you're the same guy who was cussin us out a week ago. As long as you act right or pick the right people to bother who won't PM me to get the problem resolved, you're fine. Although none of us should be flaming or degrading members as it says everytime you post.


The reason Rome and Troup don't get into alot of issues up here where I step in has nothing to do with their "status" they're both grown enough to know if they violated they'd be banned and the mod who handled it would just be doing their job.

But everytime I see them getting into it, someone's calling them out. If anyone should be getting banned it should be the guy who starts it, but, troup and rome shut them down without having to PM me, so no one gets banned. It's not like mods are banning the members fighting with them and giving them a pass.

Yo ur a cool ass mod tho, forreal.

How can I get my Gamez Bond screen name back? I've been a member since 2001, but I've gotten banned. MY names were Rockspin, GamezBond and Marud

I got the passwords to all of them.


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The mods do a good job to me.... seems they have decent logic. I doubt if anybody here is 100% by the book when posting.

See the thing is... lol, I don't like to see my name on the screen or be quoted negatively.... makes me a lil upset somehow... lol. It's corny... still though. I just want to post... and let it be a post, part of the discussion. If you do say something... just don't stick a bunch of names in it...


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really, i been banned about 5 times or so...

you only get banned if you start wilin' out; for the most part...

getting banned ain't such a bad thing...conflict is synonymous with hip hop / are "battles"
Yo, no one here has explained how I can get my old screen name back still.

I don't have the power to give it back. You need to contact the mod who originally banned you if they're still active. If we all just turned a mod's decision, there would be no authority. People would just go to the "cool mod" and have everything fixed.

I've seen a few decisions made by mods that i didn't nessesarily agree with. I'm sure I've done more disagreeable stuff than anyone else. But if we don't all stick together when one of us makes a decision...trouble in paradise. lol. :cheers:

I don't reverse anything another mod has done.


for me nudity is good for a quick temp ban. continues flaming and fighting will also get you one.

piracy is good for a pretty much instant permaban.

also if you're one of those damn spam bots..


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for me nudity is good for a quick temp ban. continues flaming and fighting will also get you one.

piracy is good for a pretty much instant permaban.

also if you're one of those damn spam bots..

So if I was a nude pirated spam bot fighting everyone, I'll be S.O.L.?


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"the 1005" must hold some sort of a record on banning.. i think he has been banned atleast 100 times.... for what reason? ...i have no idea...


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Here's a good live reason why people get banned: posting a porn link and being temp banned, not heeding the warning and putting the link in their sig. Permanet ban delivered as requested.