How did i do on my first real reggaeton beat? F4F

I would say you did excellent. The mix was fantastic, every instrument has its chance to shine and I was not bothered by any frequencies. The only aspect I didn't much care for was the synth instrument that comes in at 0:22. In my opinion, its a little too "synthy" for the song. But other than that, I really enjoyed your song!
Yes Yes Yes! The intro very good, I like it a lot, and also the , and the kalimba or some mallet in the backround in the track is Awesome! I love the melody in the chorus it is really catchy! I personally would change the lead to something more not so housY or how to say electronic if you get what I mean. Maybe a trumpet or a flute instead. But really this vibe I feel on this track so I feel that you have done a really good job brother! keep it coming! If you have time check out my beats also I am a new producer been producing for 2 years soon! this is a link to my channel high vibez productions on youtube
I like it. Sounds hard. 0:22 i would personally change the instrument at that part or change some of the oscillators.

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