hot trap instrumental (f4f)

Word this shit goes in man. I like the synth it sounds sick but you prolly need some variation to this, either a pitch down or adding another instrument or something, something so its not just the same loop over and over. but other than that its sick as hell, ur drums are very nice and complex. check out my beats here
cool beat. id get rid of that annoying overused transitional slide in the beginning. the windy one later on is good though. the arrangement is good and your instrument selection is good too. try raising the octave on the melody on the second half of the chorus/verse to give it variance. overall good job.

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I'd get rid of that cheesey "HEY" sample, rack slide sample, and the Drumma Boy transition effect... at least gate it if you're going to use it that way people won't mistake you for another producer. I liked some aspects of the beat... I just think it got incredibly boring really fast for me... it's basically 2 loops over and over. Also try to either EQ some punch into that kick or maybe layer it with another punchier kick... it kind of gets lost in the mix for me. Keep at it man, you'll get there bro!