hey funky cats and kittens this kid needs your help



hey there groovy producers!

got some sweet n tasty questions for you knowledgable dudes.

went to my local wankership music outlet and had a play with the yamaha rm1x. quite impressed but the wanker kept trying show we all the AAAAAMMMMAZZZIINNGG presets cos they jus blow your mind!!!!! (wanker) but we got rid of him and got a good play out of it anyways!

anyway this is the kind of tool im looking for to make some very funky house chunes and was wondering if any of you funky cats have an opinion on this please - GIVE ME IT!!

AAAALLLLLSO! - are there any other products you cats have that are better or whatever compared to the rm1x?

when i hook it up to the 'puter, whats a good program
to lay down the tracks? basic only cos i'll do all my effects on the hardware.

Is the yamaha that good?? or is there something heaps better (in ruffly the same price range)


love huey.:D
yes the rm1x is a good machine for the price but personally i dont like its layout too many key combinations and stuff. id go for the more expensive roland mc 505
The Rm1x is a really good starting tool, it's quite tedious at first, but after about two weeks or so of hardcore messing around, you'll get the nack really quickly. I produced many of tracks with it but due to my lack of experience the tracks weren't to my satisfaction. Lately, I have been working on two-step and I noticed a tremendous improvement due to trial and error. However, it is not a very good tool for HIp Hop and some styles of Drum N' Bass. The Roland MC 505 is a good tool but I personally think the RM1x is because it's the only MIDI sequencer out on the market and would be great for House !