here are a couple soundproofing tips...

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As I have been cruiseing around the net looking for tips to soundproof my studio, I figured that I'd post any and all findings here on O.L.D. :) (if you have any others, please post them here!)

Cardboard Egg cartons around the walls/celing. Helps deflect the
sound in the room, and holds little pockets of air behind the cartons, which
helps baffle the sound. Not brilliant, but cheap if you do a neighbourhood
wide hunt. They'll even find some for you if you say what it's for!!! =o)
- Layered walls, fill with styrofoam beads. The concept behind
soundproofed glass, and glass in office buildings is having a vacuum between
the layers. Sound is waves of preasure. No air preasure - no sound. (In
space no one hears you scream). At least that's the theory.
- There are also products available that produce a foam to fill door
panels with etc to cut down sound.

Something I came across a while back that works great is those foam
rubber mattresses like they use in hospitals. It absorbs sound like the
professional stuff. Whats even better is the price. You can get a huge
sheet at any Target, K-mart, wherever for about $15.00. I priced some
pro sound board from an audio store and it was around $24.00 for a
2'x4' section! The funny thing is that the pro board is foam just like
the mattress.

Something my dad did for me when I was growing up was buy lots of celing
tiles. Probaly 2 by 4 feet and just put them up all over my practive
room. It cut the sound down, and help with the sound in my room.. I could
hear my drums more clear.

There you go. :D

mano 1

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we have another article about this in "music theory" (on your left menu), thanks for posting more tips.

How about publishing this as an article in the "music theory" section :)? Would you like that?

Let me know, i'll either edit a bit your actual post text, or let you email me this contents or some more detailed thing if you want to.

this way thousands of peopel will read the thing (link from the frontpage etc..) exciting!


talk soon

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yeah, I'll whip up a few things to throw down in the music theory section. =] Not only does sound proofing help your neighbours from hearing your music, (they will thank you for that!) but the diffence it makes in your monitors is incredible!
One time, during the process of one of my moves, I had 3 couches standing on end; 1 dirrectly behind me, and the other 2 completeing a semi-circle shape around me and my computer. All the sound from my monitors stayed inside this circle. To bad it was so ugly and inpractical, because it sounded so darn good!
I'll post this in Music Theory as well. :D

Andreas Rauh

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Hi everyone,

I used to have a rock band and we glued cardboard egg boxes in the walls. The result was very interesting. Although the sound leaked out without much difference inside it was worth the effort.

andreas rauh

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I always thought that the egg carton thing was a bit of a myth. :D And besides, by the time you eat that many eggs, you'd most likely drop dead of a heart-attack. =]
I think when I tackle that part of the sound proofing of my studio, I'm gonna do a few layers of the ceiling tiles. Not only are they nice and thick, but if they are tiled nicely, they probably won't look too shabby either. :D;)

Andreas Rauh

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the egg thing

yeah, i'll tell you that, although the egg thing really works, it sure dont look nice. besides the cardbox leaves too much dust and your room will look nasty. we had done it because it was our rehearsal studio, no one lived there. hehehe.

what i am looking for now is some sound absorbing material that wont be that inconvenient.

ah! remembered one thing, we had to go to a chicken farm (dont know the name for that) in order to get the egg cartons, otherwise we would have died of heart attack! hahahahaaha

there's a good site named that specializes itself in headphones. i know this is not the issue here but there a very good article there about making your room sound better. it's sure worth reading. i tried to get to the referred url but wasnt able to. if i do i'll post the direct url to the article.

see ya,

andreas rauh

Andreas Rauh

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its a good one.

i though of the article because they have something i never had heard before. they use these huge cardboard tubes in order to improve the general sound of your room. the question is that it is designed for entertainment, not professional use. anyway i think it is worth reading.

andreas rauh