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HELP ME! i just got my first real synth kinda thing, and i dont know how to hook it up to my comp,

it's real cheap, so its only got headphones, midi, and some other weirdo port on the back, soooo, what do i do? i dont think i can hook up midi to my comp, i dunno how, HELP :cry:
-you can do two things (that I know of)

1) Get a midi/game controller adapter that plugs into the game controller port of your sound card. Plug synth into this

2) Get a usb/midi adapter (I just got the midisport 2x2 ~$65)

if your synth doesn't have any, I would recommend getting a midi keyboard, too.

if you want your computer to hear the synth, not just control the synth, you have to run audio from the synth to the sound card as well. . . .you might need a mini-stereo to weirdo adapter chord.

bare in mind, I just got my keyboard to cause reason to make a sound, so I am definitely no authority, and might in fact be completely full of schitt