help! what is a good setup for live?

I think you have pretty good gear.

BUT, I wouldn't use PC in live situation, because you never know when will it crash. If the sequencing is the problem, buy Alesis MMT8 or Roland MC500 (they are very cheap and they work great).

In my opinion buying RM1x just for drum loops is a mistake. There are so many machines that are better for making drumloops and they sound better:
Jomox X base 09 (the best) I wish I had one
Raveolution 309 (good, but hard to get)
korg ER-1(not so sure, but people say it's good)

Check them out!

Also the Novation Drumstation, but it has no sequencer.


i'm buying a mac G4 + luna2.

thank you FISHI for the good and helpful info.

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