help needed...


dj alonzo

ok, i'm new to all this, so what do i need to get for a nice home studio?
i want to make mostly trance and techno music...
i have about 1500$ (u.s.a)
Before anyone flames you, I did a string search for "Home Studio" and here are the results

Peeps are going to need more info on what you know, and what you want
:) ok, i know pretty much about dj equipment... but i don't really know allot of producing gear...
i want everything to get me started producing... will 1500$ be enough?
thanx in advance, alonzo.
. . .depends

you could take care of all your production needs in 1 software program, or you can build up a multi-thousand dollar midi studio. There isn't one way to produce music. The bare minimum u need would be a sequencer(cubase) or a loop arranger (acid). Like I said there are some all-in-one progs like Fruity Loops, and Reason. Look those up, do some research and then come back here with some more specific questions.:cool: