wow. i dont post often and im the first here apart from the big boss man =)
congrats on the new site! its ace.
im just setting up my home studio.. currently cleaning out a room with a door directy to the garden which is nice =) but its home with the downstairs toilet which sucks.
buit i just orderd a 1ghz pc with 256mb RAM 30gig ATA 100 7200rpm hard-drive and platinum 5.1 soundcard. digital surround speakers, and all the other bits and pieces.
i got cubase, reason, fruity loops, cool edit, soundforge. - anyhting else you recomend?
i have my decks a couple mic's a few guitars, a drum kit some bongo's a keyboard and stuff..
just wondering if there is nyhting else i need..
I want to get a small mixing desk and some deacent PA speakers. but is there anyhting else i need..
i dont really want to much outboard stuff.
but any suggestions?
i was gonna say Mackie, get a Mackie, they have a great sound, but then again, maybe you should go for a digital mixing desk, or even a digital dj mixer could be good. Tricky could advise more accurately about that.:)
whats a mackie? an apple?
a digital desk? wouldnt that defie the point.. as it would still involve lots of plugging in and out?
and doesnt cubase have a digital desk.. i think reason does.
thanks man, any more idea's?
i just wanna check im already to go (when it all arrives
I had a MACKIE 1604 VLZ PRO for a few months (had to sell it when i moved out of France) and it was indeed a very nice analog mixer.

One thing though, if you are a computer/techno freak, you should consider a 2nd hand YAMAHA 01R... it is a very good digital mixer.

good luck

isnt this home studio forum neat :):D
haha it is neat!
ok, i'll check those out!!
cheers guys.. any other words of advice?
ooh.. im not a computer or techno freak..
i really wanted an all outboard studio, but its much more expensive.
im going to be recording alota accoustic guitar and vocals.. but im going to make electronic music as well..
like funkstorung.. they are amazing.
but ive never done that before.. so this is the beginning of my adventure into instruments that i dont strum or hit!
I got a Promix01 and could not live without it now, total recall, 2 FX processor.

You're a IDM fan ? I like funkstorung too, great band.
im running gear thru a mackie 1402 VLZ and i like it. love the mute/alt output. and other good features. they are the phatness.
good filters (the low mid and high knobs). they are soooo powerful, and i use them so much in my sound sculpture.
with a computer, if u think u might like to make electronic music ..... when u get ur hands on it u certainly will be!
serious FUN
yeh im really looking forward to it!!
im really new at all this... im really a guitarist, and have only recently started spinning.. am enjoying that...
ive made alot of recordings and recorded in loads and loads of studio's but never really wanted to get under the producers feet to much... so im sure what equipment i need...
everyhting i know is from this board! so thanks mano1 !!
ive got a few desks bookmarked on ebay.. im running low on cash, what other outboard equipment do i need that i cant get software wise? i have a tiny little 4 input mixer with just volume that i used for live recording of drums into a 4 track tape recorder. with an old band.
if i could do all the mixing/processing.. EVERYTHING.. in my computer (can i?) then that would solve the plugging in and leads mess all the time.. as id just have 2 mic's in and a DI/line out from an amp, and a extra one for inputing samples on MD and keyboards etc.. and i wouldnt need a desk.
so what do i need for outboard stuff....
and the other question.. whats better to invest in..
i have these digital dolby 4 speakers (+sub) comming with the computer.. but i met some promoters last night about a festival im playing and a guy there was just setting up a studio.. and he said i'd need definatly monitors.. butt he said PA speakers would be just as good... but should i invest in a good pair of headphones or some PA speakers?
so what do i get to blast the stuff i make through..
and do i need anyhting outboard at all?
thanks so much guys!
I saw Swayzak at a club and they did wonders with their two mackie mixers. Incredible.
Well I think you should tell us a little bit more with what you want to do with your home studio, only record demos or get into a total production, do your own recordings, mixing, pre-mastering,... ?

The choices are very different with these two options, if you only want to record some demos you don't need to have pro-speakers like genelec or others, you don't need to have an external mixer, some audio cards got a pre-mixer section which could do the job.

Building his own home-studio can take some time, the first thing you need to know is what do you want to do with it.

It's not important to have the best-new-hype-pro equipment if you only want to record demos, but if you want to record your own stuff like a "pro", you have to make the right choices with the money you got, the style of the music you want to make (recording only electronic music or acoustic intruments is really different),...
well, i dont know about PRO recording.. im not going into business.. i'll be making my own IDM music.. for me and maybe in the future to send to some labels.
i wont be using any other studio's for this really..
but i will also be using the studio to record the accoustic thing im doing at the moment.. but that will only be for demo's and such, as all the the "proper" recordings we are at more established studios.. and i just play and let everyone do their thing, but maybe in time i would like to maybe start just using just my studio for almost everyhting. apart the national release stuff where a more accomplisd producer could make it better.
but bascily its going to be for making my own electronica and lately people have been giving me MD's with songs they want me to do stuff on (scratching) so.. maybe instead of working at others studio's i could record what i wanted to do onto MD for them to then work with at their studio.
so basiclly its for me to put into effect whats on my head, i have no deal with any company for the IDM stuff, so its literaly for me at the moment.. but i want to incorparate alota live stuff.. drums guitar etc..
and vocals.. so its not going to be used for just once thing.. everyhting wil be done there.. as its just for me.. all mastering and recording..
although if i feel my equipment limits me there are plenty of studio's about i can use to "tweak" it but I'd rather not.
so thats what its going to be used for EVERYTHING! and most types of music..
i figure i just need to get 2 PA speakers.. (what are calsbro like?) they are very cheap S/H.
and a midi keyboard. i feel gutted i just bought these surround sound speakers.. thought they would be fun for DVD's and games.. i should of just saved the money for the PA speakers... is there anyhting i need for them or to know about them... how do i plug them into my sound card would be nice to know! do i need and amp (how does the map go in?).. or will the computer do that?
mano did u mean the o2r ? because yamaha makes the o1v the o3d and the o2r i havnt heard of the o1r.

i work on a mackie 32X8 and the O2R here. we have alesis adats alesis compressors yamaha and midiverb effects units. a yamaha tone generator and stuff. and that dumb *** L.E version of Pro tools which is pretty lame for the price they paid for it.