hello all


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I does!
I'm spending alot of time downloading as an mp3.com artist, and when my modem is doing that, I go here.

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Welcome naya!
Yes DJ Chriss is really an addicted member, look at his title "Senior Member" and also his number of posts LOL

Anyway, nice to see you here, hope you'll enjoy the place!


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where do i start? there are so many downloads on buzz. i want to be able to mix my own music but i have not the slightest clue as to where to start.

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Buzz CAN be a nightmare!
Fortunately you have DJ chriss on this board who will help you out! (yes DJ Chriss you are responsible for pushing everyone to download BUZZ now, assume!! :) LOL :D)


Seriously, buzz is not the easiest at all


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how can i attach a file on here? i spent time making an animation and i cant figure out how to attach it..... :)
(d..n newbie!!! @!$#%@!@#$%^&*) :)


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Me? Did I do that?
After what Naya said, I guess I'll have write something about getting the rigth versions and stuff.
Let's see. (Thinking)

One way of getting a fairly new version:
go to:
In the menu, go to "Downloads"
Then go to required files.
There you can get the base program and an upgrade to v. 1.1.
Download those.
First you install the base program in any folder you'd like.
Then install the upgrade, and be sure to browse for the rigth folder!!

If you want a -little- unstable (but much better) version then press on the link above the download link:
"Buzz Update 1.1"
and you'll se a description of the file.
Find a link that says "more files from Oskari" and go there.

Now, amongst other files, you'll se verion 1.25 or something. Get that and install it the same way as the other upgrade.

If it is the basic machines you want, I'll give you a list tonigth!
"Buzz Update 1.1"

This will take


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Usefull downloads. This is some of the basic, but very necessary files to build a good track.

Samplers / Sampled Drumkits / Drummachines
Arguelles Pro 4
Argüelles Pro 2
Whitenoise's Looper
Whitenoise's Drummer 1 and 3
For old style-tracker: Matilde Tracker
Premade drums: Rout 808

Climox 313 (for nice 303 sound)

Arguelles Ksynth
Arguelles Kaway
Zephods Herrie


Gain: Argüelles Kgain

PSI Kraft2
Goenik's Overdrive 2
Moun Smootherdrive

Maybe also look for a compressor.

All the other usefull stuff is already included in the program!

The effects go in (Buzz folder)/Gear/Effects
The generators go in: (Buzz folder)/Gear/Generators

This have no effect if buzz is already started!


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thanks guys

Thank you both. I really appreciate the help. now if only i could figure out the file attachment thing ..... actualy it is an animation that i made.

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Re: thanks guys

naya said:
if only i could figure out the file attachment thing .....

You don't attach a file, you insert the URL of an image with some code around, follow the instructions HERE: http://www.onlinedj.com/board/index.php?action=bbcode (scroll down there are many different codes depending on what you want to do).


Flash animations are not possible to display by the way. Friends of mine invented some code to do that, i'll see with them if I can use the same in some time.

Take care, good luck with the code, you can insert images, lists, tons of stuff


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ok. i am at work right now but when i get home i will try to put my animation up..... i act like it is a big deal but really it isnt.
i like figuring out how to do things that i could not do before. i guess i am just wierd like that. :)