Heatmakerz Samples!!!


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That proposal beat is nice. I remember I downloaded a lot of heatmakerz instrumentals about a year ago, some of them sucked too ("piff beat" if you've heard that). It might be that some of them were fake, just random beats with Heatmakerz written on them

da monster

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DaOriginalBlade said:

Does anybody have the sample for No Days Off by Juelz on that More Than Music mixtape? It'd be greatly appreciated, I'd die... well no, you'd enjoy that a little too much. But I'll send you one of my hookers or somethin.

dat sample would be "If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don't Wanna Be Right" by Millie Jackson

ok i got confused whatz da sample for "body bluffin" by papoose again cuz i been tryna find dat sample myself
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Stretch Dinero

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Ya'll sure it wasn't the Al Green version of "Loving You Is Wrong"?
I didnt even know Millie made one...but either way its one of em, that song gets flipped alot...its even flipped on "Hardbody" by Hell Rell & I cant think of the name but some 50 Cent or Game song...good shii


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yo Lunytunes can u tll me what sample is this

its on soundclicks broken equipment page

Lil Wayne featuring Kanye West - All I Do

hit me back


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does anyone know what song they sampled to make the Crack joint (or Y'all Must Be Stupid)joint from Juelz Santana's Final Destination??


'Nique Wilkins
i don't know if you stilll lookin, but i kinda dedicated my spare time to that shit, the sample for that cashmere & razah joint called owe me (which is the same beat as heatmakerz - proposal) is ronnie mcneir - say you will.