Got EDM, Etc. Heat? Post Your SoundCloud


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Hi guys, I'm new to this forum, been checking out many helpful articles and tips since a while now but only decided to become a member when I started producing properly, didn't want to clog the already clogged sub forums with my own noob questions. With that said, I'm very glad to be in a place with like minded people and people who appreciate and savour good music because they know how hard it is and it's not as simple as waving a wand to get those dreamy sounds and fill up your mix. Been checking out all the links before me and I gotta say, there are way too many talented people making music out there, and it only strengthens my resolve to learn and get harder, better, stronger and faster with every passing track because you do an injustice to all the producers out there who are better than you if you try to overtake them via marketing techniques. A lot of amazing people here that can help, and for what it's worth, if anyone wants to know how I master my tracks (probably not) I'll be more than happy to help out a brotha because I know how frustrating it can be hitting a dead end musically and letting great ideas go down the shitter cause you couldnt sort out your mixing and mastering.

A big thank you from my heart to anyone and everyone that stops by because to an upcoming musician with no sales to use as a measure of his/her skill, it can be very useful for our future audiences to interact with us. Will do the same for every musician on this board regardless of whether or not they return the favour.

Thank you for this forum.:cheers: