Good speakers for home studio



Can anyone recomend some good speakers for a home studio that revolves around a PC? They would have to be shielded so as not to affect the monitor, and S/PDIF input would be prefered.

event 20/20bas

got them on both sides on my 19 inch screen since 6 months and it is not damaged.

HOWEVER I would put them a few feet apart from the screen anyway, because there is "some" trembling when they are on, and also because it is much better to monitor a track with the speakers separated by a few feet rather than toally against the screen sides.

hey the 20/20bas are VERY GOOD monitors, which cost around 1000 dollars US. I got mine for 699 dollars because I was lucky to find the price online, printed the page, went to my regular music store in town, and showed them the printed page for them to BEAT IT! long live capitalism and america :)

They dont have S/PDIF, straight analog here (1/4 mono jack + balanced XLR). I know roland has digital speakers (A90 I think?)

there may be less expensive speakers that may fit your needs more, but these have the same quality as 2000 dollars a pair speakers. I love them.
I might have to check that out, thanks. Im probably not looking for something quite that expensive though. Maybe $300 - $400.

I have KRK monitors. Nice clean sound. Closer to your price range.
for around 300 400 your not going to find the spdif inputs,but in the US you can purchase the Alesis Monitor One's for about 250 for both. They're alright they're 120 watts RMS.
or even for with event's 20/20 for 299. not 20/20bas, just the plain 20/20's They palin 20/20's aren't biamplified like the 20/20bas's.
BTW, Mano, i love the 20/20bas's,I have the Ps6's and have always kicked myself in the *** for not holding off to purchase the bas's
- p nice
tannoy reveals

i have a pair of tannoy reveals as recommended by soundcontrol and digital village... they cost me £200 uk, and i love them very clear and precisce and well sheilded!!!