good metal bands...


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Sorry if any of theese are already metioned...

In flames - Melodic death metal
System of a down - Alternative metal (if you can handle their moodswings, They are f*cking awesome!)
Avatar - Melodic death metal
Dream Theater - Progressive metal
Raubtier - Industrial metal (They sing in swedish, so you might not understand alot ^^)
Dethklok - Melodic death metal
Obscura - Technical death metal
Gojira - Death metal / Thrash metal
Entombed - Death metal
Death - Death metal (Those gave the genre its name)
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i can't stand metal except for the slow ****, so black sabbath, trouble, electric wizard, saint vitus, basically "stoner doom" for me. the fast stuff i used to love (cannibal corpse, suffocated, etc.) but i outgrew it or something, it grates on me now and puts me in a terrible mood and kills either my buzz or natural high, depending on if i have any drugs in my system or not. actually i think i got out of the fast shit once i started making sample based music, sampling has really broadened my horizons and i listen to stuff now i never would have even thought to check out before.
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my favorite metal band must be "ulver"! have you guys heard the "bergtatt" album? it's just perfect :D

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an ofc, dimmu borgir :)


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I like: As I Lay Dying, Suicide Silence, Childen Of Bodom, Trivium, Ensiferum and Norther... there are lots of others of cause :)


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Too many to describe here, but lately I've been listening to Fear Factory, Dream Theater, Pestilence, Dimmu Borgir, and Children of Bodom.