I've noticed that theres very little mention of Fruityloops around here. I use it quite a bit and I find it very good. Anybody have any opinions about it.
FruityLoops is a very good program, I agree. I just expereinced with it a few weeks ago and I like it a lot.

Around here, some peopel talked about it, and also about ORION.. I think it is has a relation with fruity.. like a new version or something
FruityLoops !

Fruity Loops, is a very good software although i use it only, i've also used orion and rebirht, but i find their interface and tecniques some wat hard but in fruity loops, play the piano, give the effects and u're done, and it's having realtime instrument tweaking. I love it now i'am on try with Reason.

well, im new to this software stuff and i was wondering if anyone know where i could get some tutorials on fruity loops. i know its not a very hard program to understand, but hey.
Well. I'm not so fond of fuityloops. It has got some poor MIDI sync and a terrible interface.
It is possible to make very cool drumpatterns and stuff on it, but in general I'd say: pay a little extra and get really INTO the sounds you use. Instead of just tweaking with a few wavesamples.

This sounds more harsh than I intended to, but I really think that it's a waste of time unless you are using as a toy. Then I've found that it's great fun to play around with.
Hey Hyfen...

I agree with your views on Fruityloops....A very addictive program with some good quality sound production.
All of my tracks are made with fruityloops and maybe a bit of Simsynth, plus a **** load of my own samples.

Do ya have any tracks that I can have a squizzle at?

Nath :)
crazee: Those synth samples on my site described as very trancie were made with simsynth. :)
I had a sqizz at a couple of your samples Crispy. Simsynth is a bloody good proggy eh. Although sometimes I find that when I want to make a specific sound, I end up screwing around for an hr or so just tweakin everything until I'm sick of it lol.

For some reason fortunecity wouldn't let me download a couple of your samples....some worked some didn' stumped. :)
Fruity loops is good for drum samples, and can also be used to creat riffs, what is u're opinion about creating riffs in Orion or RB338. I've just tried the demo version of fruity loops 3 and Believe me , It Kick ***, and all other program like pulsar, orion, etc, except reason, SUCk. fruity loops 3 is the best of the best of the best. it's got the new piano roll, which allows chords and pre made chord combination. and it's fittes with , a wasp, a plucker, and a a sim synth live, and more. THis package Kick asses or RB338, orion pulsar, etc. :)
Crazeenath said:

For some reason fortunecity wouldn't let me download a couple of your samples....some worked some didn' stumped. :)
thanks dude. I'll look into that.:)
Hey man...I've had my site with fortunecity for about 3 yrs.....and I'm always having problems with them....I s'pose ya get what ya pay for eh lol
I think Fruityloops is a good program for beginners who are working towards advancing their skills. It's very easy to use and I didn't have to dig deep into my wallet either. As my music progress', I'm sure my choice in software will too, but for now, it's all fruity baby.
hi JF digital,
u said it right it's a good one for begin. as i'am also a beginner, but tell me have u used it a a midi device the new version of fruity loops, the fruityloops3, have u tried it as a midid interface. tell me more

Crispy disco & crazeeenath Please, this site is to discuss music and creation not websites. OK please reply to topics. This is a Request. Thank You.
One special news , My new song " GOD IS A DJ, He Rocks ! Remix is going to be completed after 3-4 days i'll let u all know about this. Please here my remi and tell me how was it coz i need supprt from u guys, i'll soon complete it and let u all my friends know about it . :D
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