Finding An App To Produce Beats


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I'm currently in music production school, and I'm trying to find an affordable app to produce my beats. I've heard of fruity loop, splice, and several others...Can anyone give me any suggestions on what apps are free and/or affordable.


Character in Spades...
*GarageBand if you have Apple products.
*Splice (in a limited version)
*Korg Gadget le
*Korg iKaossilator and *iElectribe (about $20-ish each when I purchased them)
*Yamaha Tenori (TNR-i)
*Reaper is a decent full-featured DAW, from all reports...



CAUSTIC is mindblowingly good and Im suprised how little it gets talked about. Can have tons of funs in there, record and sample.
On the level with GarageBand for getting ideas out, althro GarageBand is more acoustic instrument based and Caustic is basicly pure synth and Drum Maschine world.


Small learning curve
Great Interface
Logical buildup and great customization
AMAZING mixing & mastering plugins ( Ive mixed and mastered songs Ive created on Ableton)
Great workflow, nice DAW in your pocet available on ALL TIMES

All the Sounds sound kinda specific, like one person did all the sounds or smth