Film Score

Just Clauz

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This is nice bro, I always loved music scores in films and video games.

The end of the track ended up a little odd, but I really liked the first part. Maybe you need som newer fresh sound kits. I could definetly imagine this in a Sci-Fi movie, something like Inception or anything Christopher Nolan-style.

Keep going like this.
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Just Clauz

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This is a new one ive just made :)

Nice one, it felt like something that would fit a Halo game.

You should get new vst's plugins and such. I think you create some very organic tunes, you just need new gear.

Have you made different "styles" of soundtracks? You know, for different genres such as mystery, crime, epic fantasy and such?

Hans Hess

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This is a very good tune. It just needs some more interesting sample libraries, but the composition is good. I got the idea in the end...but perhaps you could conclude it a bit more?