Feedback on my new Hip Hop Reggae Beat?

I'm not sure I'm okay with self-promoting yourself during the course of the song. It really detracts from my enjoyment of the song. Some other things I would work on is lowering the bass, as it takes too much of the focus from the other instruments. I would also recommend changing the organ instrument that starts the song to another organ sound.

Overall, I like the mixing and the general vibe I get with this one. Keep it up!
Thanks for the feedback and suggestions fam, much appreciated. And sorry i took so long to reply.
The voicetags are intended to prevent people from downloading and using the beats without having purchased a license first.
I agree it detracts from the music and that's why i try to not use them too often throughout my beats and only have 3 tags or so on each beat.
You can listen to more of my beats at my site if you like:
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Nice beat. Really chill vibe and easy to listen to. Obviously, the producer tag takes away a little bit, but understandable with your concerns about illegal downloads. Definitely gonna have to check out your site to hear more!