** F4F ** Sad Hip Hop Beat

I agree with the 2nd poster, it's more of an uplifting/calm beat. The high end sounds great production wise, no 800-1k annoyances like most other beats on this site. I can't judge the low end with these headphones I use for traveling(out of town right now). I think the drums could sound tighter, maybe a different snare drum but that is just opinion. A rapper similar to Mike Shinoda(fort minor rapper) would sound good on this beat.
overall sounds good but the kick sounds a bit soft. and maybe switch up the shaker a bit like add a few really short ones or something. it got kinda repetitive.

Thanks for the feedback guys ! Yeah i felt like the drum track was a bit repetitive but I wasn't sure how to fix it, I'll try changing up the shaker and a harder kick, thanks
I like the kick, fits the atmosphere of the song. Not too in your face, but you know its there. Keep it up, I love the piano, very beautiful.
I love those strings! It sounds sad but not depressing if that makes sense and I like that you pulled it off. The little synth you have in the break fits in perfectly. The little shaker sound thing was the only thing that started to bother me after a while but it still doesnt take away from the beat. I usually prefer the shakers to be heard but not so 'thick' as you have it there; id filter out everything 3000hzish and under. This beat sounds sweet though. Keep up the good work!
It's interesting some of the sounds going on give it a sad tone but i'm mostly getting a calm and sort of soft feeling from this...instead of sad. But it depends what you're thinking of while you listen I guess. GOOD STUFF, nevertheless