EDM artists and producers wanted!

As we enter the final stages of development and design, we now begin one of the most important steps of our development. Discovering and recruiting producers, to create our extensive community, in order to help artists to achieve their goals and aspirations as an producer.

Our goal is to promote the artists in our community as much as we can, and offer any help we can along their journey to becoming a successful and well known artist.

We are looking for creative beats, catchy melodies, huge bangers, and anything that stands out.

Think your tunes have what it takes?
Send us a demo at: SlickSteadyDemo@gmail.com (SoundCloud or Youtube links preferred)
For inquiries contact us at: SlickSteadyInquiry@gmail.com

Check out our channel at:
Slick-Steady Network - YouTube
(Designs and logos currently being used are temporary as our designs enter the final stages of completion)​