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Niagara is Klauss Weiss (1942-2008) studio project, a remarkable german rhythmic master with total feel and groove that many of his teutonic peers lacked at the time. He recruited up to 7 other percussionists from all over the world to record the unique self titled album in 1970. The 2 other albums have more of a psychedelic jazz fusion vibe, rhythm is the bread and butter of this music but theres more instrumentation as well as several psych/krautrock/funk and world music influences. This band never performed live so this basically encapsulates their whole sound. A shame, they would have been a killer avant garde dance band, its hard not to move after the first few seconds of Sangandongo.

1-NIagara - Niagara

2- Niagara S.U.B.

3- Niagara - AFIRE

Niagara - Complete Recordings (1971-1972) [3 Full Albums]​

discogs: https://www.discogs.com/es/master/868963-Niagara-Niagara




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Nice thread... some gems in here i havent heard of (some I have)... heres some of my fav better known drum breaks from my collection-

the break is about 5 mins into this one-

And lastly... on my youtube music review show we just happen to stumble on to a great drum break!