Does anyone eat while working?


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I find I do my most efficient work when I just ate/ or haven't eaten in a while. I find eating between mixing can help with ear fatigue, what do you think?


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When working on a beat I tend to be focused and treat it as if I am working. Half way though the session I usually stop, take a break let my mind reset and re focus which is the time I fill my belly. After that I go back to producing.


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I have this habit, too, so I choose some non-calorie nuts, seeds or something like that. I want to eat and not get fat;)


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I take a short brake and eat in a seperate room.
But i drink a lot of coffee :D
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Food has a direct impact on our cognitive performance, which is why a poor decision at lunch can derail an entire afternoon.
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Now during isolation it is important to be very careful in order to eat in the workplace. Then you may not recognize yourself in the mirror))


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Yes, I usually make music after a workout so I would have a protein smoothie

-a banana
-chia seeds
-rice protein