Does anybody know



What kind of production stuff timberland is using?

I want to get what ever he got, His beats be bangin

frankly, you can do this with anything.

remember that 50% of the end result is due to a good post-production (compression, harmonyzer, dynamizer, etc.. all the studio effects).

That's why you hear it so loud and clean, so edgy.

Pre-order a Yamaha RS7000 and you'll have basically what they use... I have a feeling that timbaland is simply using an old AKAI MPC3000, like most of these rap producers. The RS should even be better.

but again, after you produce, the way the master is done is when yoru sound is there or not there.

I hope it helps
take care, see you around!

In one of his youtube videos i believe he had a roland phantom , most producers of the 90s/2000 had some sort of korg so korg triton or M1/WAVESTATION