Do you still use an mpc?


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Has anyone sold their mpc to move to software? I had a 2000XL 2 years ago. I had the itch to get the 2500. So far i have live 7, reason4, axiom 61, mpd 32. I don't know if its worth buying a 2500 around december. i was gonna save till december to get either the 2500 or new computer. What do you thonk?


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i think anyone who trades an mpc to purchase software shall be electricuted, prostituted, and executed by way of swift kicks to the crotch....

but as far as saving for a new computer??? thats a tough one, just be sure that whatever computer you get is pimped out for creating music.


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Don't plan on getting rid of the MPC, probably upgrade to a second hand 4000, or drag my ass to get the 2500, which is likely not on my mind at the time. The feel of being away from the computer and not relying on it to make your music is my thing. Computers, you have to deal with CPU processing power, RAM upgrades, OS Architecture, etc b.s. It is just more comfortable with the MPC, then the PC.

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The official status of MPCs in no way will be replaced by software of any kind (Funknstien got the penalty right) the only benefit to the 2500 is real time recording (ie if u play gtr, bass, etc.) otherwise, u can save $ on the 1000, download software upgrades, and have all the functions of 2000+. Software production is one of the major contributing factors as 2 why music today sounds so generic. Keep ya hands in it!


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i think anyone who trades an mpc to purchase software shall be electricuted, prostituted, and executed by way of swift kicks to the crotch....

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I've been thinking about just buying software synthesizers, to use for my keys/synths/brass/strings (whatever). But I don't think I could use software for my drum patterns. I don't see the MPC (1000) leaving my studio anytime soon, ever.


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I made the switch and my tracks havent been jeopardized in the process as long as you are comfortable and creative mpc or not you can get down. I love mpcs though, its just not a necessity for me in a studio setting. I would say if you dont have to sell your mpc then just keep it as another creative tool and dont treat it like its the master of your music.


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**** an MPC.

I seriously don't like them, at all. I prefer keys over pads (Crazy, I know) and I prefer most software sequencing over hardware.

Now I'd buy an ASR-10 and use that in a second for sampling, but I had an MPC for 6 months, hated it.


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Eventhough i jus got my mpc, i gotta say nothing is more better to use for laying down drums patterns than on a mpc.


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i would keep the mpc xl on deck and cop a nice mac book. u said your either getting that or a 2500 in decemeber right? well ima see about getting a mac by that time myself. maybe i can find a way to have financial aid pay for it tho. idk


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if ur gonna stick with software, get a new computer, if ur gonna go hardware, get the mpc. you're gonna need to choose one or the other, red pill, blue pill. but one thing for sure is that u have everything you need already. reason, live, axiom61(goddam), mpd. like it doesn't get any better than that. i mean it's all personal preference really. but i mean either way is fine tho, software hardware whatever works.

i personally like the mpc better than any software. i been using software for about 6 years and when i switched to the mpc, i never looked back. like theres just some magical thing about the mpc that i can't explain.

but then theres heads who can't/wont use hardware but can still bang out hot sht on software cuz that's just what theyre comfortable with.

so my point is, software or hardware, it really don't matter. it all comes down to what you're comfortable with at the end of the day.

if u DO end up buyin a mpc, get the mpc 1000 with the jj os, it's almost the same as the 2500 but cheaper and smaller. and sell the axiom and the mpd.
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I am a long time mpc and hardware in general ser and have recently copped the macbook pro and logic pro... i gotta say logic is amazing however i still find my self using the mpc everybit as much as i used to. just in slightly different ways. for instance i still love the way an mpc's drums sound so even if i wanna use kit sounds from logic i still tend to sample those sounds into the mpc then track it back out into logic through the mpc (they just seam to have more umph plus i have my own way of stacking drums that u just can't do with ultra beat.


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Thanks for responding. Here are some options I thought about.
A. Mpd 32, Axiom61 key, reason 4, live 7,
add: native instruments package or new computer.
B. Mpc 2500 to replace mpd 32, axiom, the same as A up above.

I miss doing drums with that swing on the mpc. I would want the 2500 due to usb connection. Then again if i use battery with the mpd..... What would u pick out of the two options. Thanks....


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the swing on the new mpcs are nothing special. The "swing" is a myth. On the first MPC's there was a lazy midi coding in the first ones and after that the newer mpcs after the 60's have the exact same type of swing as FL or anything like that.