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Sometimes it takes me a lot of tries to start building a track that I really think has potential for what I'm trying to do with it. I have created a lot of music that I'm happy with, but I also have a ton of half finished sessions saved on my drives that may never be used for anything besides a scrapbook.

When you are working on new material, generally how many half finished tracks do you cycle through before you create one you know is dope? Also, how many songs do you generally work on at one time when you are in creative mode?
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that sounds very normal. when i started, id probably make 10 pieces of shit for every keepable track. over time, that gets less and less. this is cause i get better at inferring when something has potential, so i dont even pursue the ideas or tracks that dont have potential. i can only work on maybe 3-5 tracks at one time, most.

Word. That's encouraging fo sho.

I've heard the 1/10 thing for a while and I'd say that happens to me too.

Looking forward to slimming down the work flow to get more focused on what I think is worth the energy.

Thanks :)

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Got 106 tracks down to 10 and am about ready to launch. Thanks for the advice mang :)