Digital Audio Basics - Must See! (Video)

his is awesome. Granted, I’m a dork, but this was really well presented in such a way that I think even non-techy people could get what’s going on here.

Also dorky fun: it sounds as if he’s recording this with a binaural mic setup. Listen on headphones, it’s pretty cool to hear him "move" around the room in your head.

I’ve tried many times to hear a difference between CD-quality and high-resolution sound, and I just can’t. I’ve done the ABX tests. I admit that I’m in my early 40s, so even high-bitrate mp3s are indistinguishable for me, and that’s after nearly 20 years of wearing earplugs at concerts and not abusing my ears with overly-loud music through the car stereo or headphones. But I figure that I’ve taken good care of my hearing, and a relatively recent hearing test proves my hearing is perfectly average for my age, so if I can’t hear a significant difference, it’s not there. The nice thing is that even if that capability was ever there, it’s never coming back. "Shoddy mp3s," as some put it, are probably as good as I’ll ever need in the future.

My advice is as always: spend your money on speakers/headphones. Compared to any other improvements you can make, there is a huge bang/buck ratio compared to any other equipment with better speakers.
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