DIGI001 + Logic Plat 4.7 ( I need studio setup help, Macintosh )


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Ok i have a couple of questions first here is my setup

I am running Logic Audio Plat 4.7 on a Mac B&W G3 400mhz 650 RAM. Running Digi001. with a little Midiman USB 2x2 midibox

- Here is my gear list

Mackie 1202 VLZ
Roland JD-800
Novation BassStation Rack
Alesis QS-6
Virus b ( well just ordered it but on back order, cant wait to get this)

This is how i will set up my studio, go to this link:

1. Is this set up correctly? or is there a better way to do this?

2. Can i run the eight outs of logic/digi into the mackie and then have the mackie run back into the DIGI (inputs 3-4) and record real time in logic while playing in logic? but when i tried this once i got feedback from somewhere when i would turn the mackie mixer up. -OR- is there some internal bus mixer way ( sorry i am not all up in the jargon) to mix the audio internally, i KNOW you can bounce the audio but when i bounce the audio the midi doesnt get included :( maybe i am doing something wrong i dunno, AND also i think when you bounce all internal audio its sounds VERY flat. ( maybe i need to get my EQ skills up but to me running through a mixer sounds alot cleaner ).

3. If i can run the eight outs to the mackie then back into the digi inputs and indeed if this is the best way to do this, can i separate 1-2 stereo outs to make them mono (1) and mono (2) from logic or does logic treat them as only a stereo pair coming out of the digi?

4. will monitoring from the digi cause feedback, becaue if the virus is plugged directly into the digi monitoring on the mackie would not make sence because you couldnt hear the virus.

5. Any other tips or whatever u can tell me PLEASEE dont hesistate. I am sure i will have more questions soon to
Hi DJBocaj !

First you got some nice pieces of gear ! :)

There are some things in your setup I found hard to understand.

Why do you want to have your 8 outs of your Digi go to your Mackie ? Do you plan to use some external FX processors ? Is it only for using the EQ of the Mackie ?

I think you should explain a little bit more what you want to do with your setup. Is it only for studio recording ? Are you going to record analog instruments (guitars, drums, vocals,..) ?

If you're not going to use external FX processors I don't understand why you want your 8 outs on the mackie.

I don't know Logic but it's surely like cubase...Well I think you're going to build your tracks with midi sequencing, then record those tracks in audio tracks, use FX plugs, EQ... Then use the internal mixer of logic to mix your song...and finally make a mixdown in order to burn your cd.

Well in this situation you don't need to have the 8 outs of your digi plug in the mackie, just a stereo out for monitoring.

I think the Virus got a stereo input, so you could also have two outs of your digi plug in the virus.

I'm not a logic or digi user, maybe I'm completely wrong...look in the manual of the digi I'm sure there are some examples of setup.
My biggest question is: Why in the world are you using a Midiman 2x2 if you've got the Digi001???

I've got the Digi001 and MidiSport too. I only had the USB MidiSport as a cheap recording solution, but I had problems. I've got both a Mac and PC. Throw that midisport out the window. The Digi001 is a piece of cake to set-up. Just use the quick set-up directions. Make sure you do EVERYTHING it tells you to do. Turn your sound sets off, use the "base" extension set, adjust the memory settings to 512K, etc. etc.

I've got a similar set up for my web studio -->http://www.draconiandesign.com/images/webstudio.jpg

Clarify how you've got everything set up with your computer and I'll reply back.
that setup is confusing when i first looked at i could work out what was going on & again i cant work out, the connections seam to be a bit odd. u can use the mackie as a 4 bus mixer if u know how leaving another another 6 inputs on the digi001