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Crate Digger
diggin game is pretty much changed. most young cats download a couple of album online and call it diggin. so much good stuff can be found on the blogspots for free and therefore it's there for everyone to be downloaded. what is your opinion on "digital diggin"? do you still dig the old school way and sample vinyl? if yes, how much are you ready to pay for a single record when diggin?, if you know there's something super-amazing on it.

i've always wanted to ask this from a big name like yourself.

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i only dig for vinyl. but thats probably a product of my age or era.

im not a headhunter record guy. im a bottom feeder. i look for dollar records that look unique, and i go for VOLUME. but everybody is different. no right way. if a record is expensive, its cause its KNOWN, and that's what i DONT want. i want stuff that noone in their right mind would consider touching.
wow, thanks for response... now that i know you only dig for vinyl i respect your work even more.

dollar bins rock. most of my vinyl is from dollar bins also.
yea $1 bins all day, although i listened to this german record last week and wow it was amazing. So much to sample, but it was going for $100. I swear if i were making a living off music i would have bought it.
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One of the other guys has already suggested doing a beat vid. It would be great to kick it off with a search through the bargain bins for sample material. Let us see the whole process (without giving away too many secrets, obviously!)