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Hemant Samtani

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Hi guys please let me know your thoughts on these specs for a windows based small home studio.

I am really thinking of a lap top and a desk top.

Lap top so i can do my serato dj crap and then my desk top to do my multitracking and midi stuff and sequencing. Do you guys think two computers is necessary? I like the feel of the desk top as i can get two screens which is hot....but i hear i can HDMI out of a lap top and do something similar.

The total price for this set up is 3100 AUD i thought that wasnt so bad but not sure of the actual components as its a gaming graphics card and i dont think i will need that.

Anyways any help would be boss..thanks.20190813_111429[1].jpg20190813_111429[1].jpg
probably many will disagree ..but i made couple of my albums on low spec comps
only thing that matter is a good soundcard