Classical Musician (Amateur), been working on a dance track.


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Hey guys, my name is Solo, or Young Ho.

I'm pretty new to EDM and FL studio and all that, I just bought a synthesizer, the Prologue 16, since I'm a keys player. In the works of buying a Elektron Digitakat, when I want to perform live in the future. Got a deal planned, used for $750 CAD.

I've been working on a dance track and been testing new filters and drum sounds last few days, and I started doing 1 hour composition + 1 hour sound design on my channel. I started learning FL studio last month.

Check it out! Thanks.

I'm active on the forum TalkClassical, and hope to be here too!

My favorite EDM song is Strobe by Deadmau5, the whole reason I got into making a dance track after I heard it during Toronto Pride.
It has a very fugal element, (I'm a Bach and Fugue lover), which I just fell in love with.

I believe baroque music is on the comeback just with modern instruments and elements, and I want to take advantage of it.
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