Check this setup!





This is what it comprises of :

- AKAI MPC 2000 XL
- EMU E 5000 Ultra
- Electron SidStation x 2
- JoMox XBase 09
- Waldorf Microwave XT
- Doepfer MS 404
- Roland TR 808
- MAM VF-11 Vocoder
- Roland SVC-350 Vocoder
- SND Filterbank
- Moogerfooger LP Filter
- Sherman Filterbank
- Digitech StudioQuad
- Alesis Quadraverb
- Gerd Schulze Compact Phasing A
- TC M 1
- Lexicon MPX 500
- Marshall 9000 preamp
- Allen & Heath GS1 Mixer
- Fostex Compressor
- TLAudio VP-5051
- Dynaudio Acoustics monitors
- Korg DVP-1 Hamonizer/Vocoder
- EMU Proteus 2000

The complete studio or what?
mmmmm mmmmmmmm, damn that be a ripe ol *** of a studio

what would you do for that???

and i know who owns it, do you?????

cough zombie, cough nation

TWO ELEKTRON SIDSTATIONS?????!!!!!!!!!!!:eek:
only in my dreams!
now my rig looks like a turd. :(

i was doing so well not going through gear envy, and then this.

so how many people's stuff is there? ;)

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hey boomchrpage,
that gif you've got on your post is the BOMB! :eek:
where did you get it man?

i think i'm in love :D
yeam man that is awesome!!!

u wouldnt be interested in designing some graphics for a web-design, if not i understand :D:D
Tasty, Swankstar, very nice indeed... u got a power packer, i think i could probably hear your studio rocking from all the way over here if you turned her up to nine! :D man, lotta gear.
What's an electron Sidstation? (ducks for cover as everyone splutters)... i don't know what they are, a synth?
What's the Korg DVP-1 like? is it cool for stuff for vocals? And the Sherman Filterbank, dude i've been keen for one of them for like, years!
Do you have fun with the MP2000? Do you dig the Waldorf microwave(good sounds? any comparison to the yellow Q-synth?).

clan swanky wishes it was his, try zombie nations setup, thats whoa ctually owns it, not swanky

his setup is much smaller then that, consisting of, well i will let him tell you, swanky, what have you got in your setup?????
oh and boom, try for details about the site, it is a gaming site, dedicated to an aussie counterstrike clan, if your can help, i will love you forever, haha jokes, i am not a fag :D:D
if you could add anything to the setup, what would you add????????????
yeah i recognised it too. The 2 Sidstations gave it away. The interview in SOS was really good actually.

Yeah if i could add anything? Probably a Neve SSL G+ Console and swap the 2000XL for a Latronic Notron.