Check out this AI Music Video: 'Slow Drag' - Feedback Wanted!

Flip G


Hey y'all!

Just dropped a fresh new AI music video called "Slow Drag" and I need your feedback! It's all about that electric feeling of dancing with a flirt – you know the vibes!
Maaan, i can't say that much about video, it just looks like a GTA vice city on low specs, sorry. If u wanna make it well, so do kt properly, then u can use

There are also yt videos of sora, i was particularly tricked by the one thats called nosy cat, tokyo train, and a little less by eue closr-up.

If its you who made the music, then:

You have the lyrics potential, i particularly like the eufemisming part like “she want the bone so i had to get dawg gone…”

I use the similar style in my music, one of my favs was “she had big a dream to ridea huge horse, he said, your cheeks huge, ride me if this isn’t worse”

Like this is what tricks tricks to get tricked into u. Not as outright as Chris Brown or ENM (though theyre still cool).

Hope you got some constructive feedback u asked 4 bro.
Yo, check out if its available for commercial use and hows with the pricing, i will stick to making music for now, but my friends interested. Come back when youve had reasarched and give some details plz. Good luck bro.